Rudy Giuliani Tells Hannity Clinton Wants to Import 60,000 Terrorists

rudyFollowing the third and final presidential debate Wednesday night, Rudy Giuliani said that Hillary Clinton wanted to import 60,000 terrorists into the U.S.

The former NYC mayor and Trump surrogate told Fox’s Sean Hannity (also a Trump ally), “She is gonna let in Syrian refugees. She is gonna have open borders and let in Syrian refugees. And she’s gonna vet them, except every official in the Obama government — in the Obama government — says we can’t vet them.”

Hannity said that Clinton was “gambling with the lives of American people,” and Giuliani agreed.

Giuliani did some quick math and reasoned that Clinton was going to “bring in six- or seven-hundred-thousand people. And let’s say 10% are bad. And we have 60,000 terrorists in this country. In addition to the homegrown terrorists we already have.”

[image via screengrab]

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