Rupert Murdoch: Fox News Has ‘Absolutely Saved’ the GOP, American Politics

Rupert Murdoch sat down for a lengthy interview with Fortune magazine in which he touts that Fox News has “absolutely saved” not just the Republican party, but the American political process in the near-two decades it’s been on the air.

Murdoch touches on a number of topics in the interview, including his frequent tweeting, the corporate drama surrounding NewsCorp, and Murdoch’s views on the 2016 race. For the record, he could end up supporting Hillary Clinton, “depend[ing] on the Republican candidate.” He likes both Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan, but he’s not a big fan of Rand Paul. He refers to Paul as someone “whom I agree with on a great number of things but disagree strongly on some things — too strongly perhaps to vote for him.”

Murdoch denies the idea that Fox News was instrumental in promoting the tea party, but he does say of the network’s impact on the political process, “I think it has absolutely saved it. It has certainly given voice and hope to people who didn’t like all that liberal championing thrown at them on CNN.”

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[photo via David Shankbone]

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