Rush Limbaugh: Anderson Cooper Coming Out May Be CNN’s Best Ratings Move

Limbaugh: Anderson Cooper Coming Out May Be CNN's Best Ratings Move

As the news broke of CNN anchor Anderson Cooper coming out of the closet, the nation’s reactions can pretty much be separated into three categories; earnestly wishing Cooper well, snarkily saying “Duh!” loud enough for everyone to hear, and trying to find a way to connect it all to CNN’s ratings problems. Discussing the story on his radio show, Rush Limbaugh was able to quickly touch on all three in less than a minute. And he didn’t even make any jokes!

Ladies and gentlemen, that is the biggest move towards equality yet.

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Limbaugh guessed that Cooper’s announcement might be “the best ratings move CNN’s made in I don’t know how long,” pointing out how well President Obama’s “evolution” did for fundraising. He then slyly pointed out that CNN would take any boost they can get.

Sure, it wasn’t a huge atta boy or anything but, considering Limbaugh and Cooper haven’t always seen eye to eye as well as some of the other “commentary” today, this was the picture of restraint.

Listen to the clip below:

(h/t The Daily Rushbo)

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