Rush Limbaugh Argues Against GOP Compromise: ‘Moderation Is Illogical’

During this summer’s debt ceiling debate, Rush Limbaugh famously became one of the loudest voices urging the Republican Congress not to compromise. Today in the Washington Post, Peter Berkowitz wrote a column combating this idea that specifically quotes from Limbaugh. On his radio show, Limbaugh hit back. He hit back against the column as well as the idea of moderation as a whole, asking “What is it about Conservatism that we’re supposed to moderate in the face of the most radical and destructive administration in modern American history?”

Limbaugh explained that his main problem with Moderates is that Moderation is not a “substantive belief,” that it had no “core.” He argues instead that it was merely a tactic and that he wasn’t a Conservative merely because he “embraces tactics,” but rather because he believes in and embraces “certain broad yet fundamental principles.”

“Moderates believe that they are more sophisticated or erudite or what? They believe they happen to be smarter, wiser, more open-minded when, in fact, they have no anchor. They exist to be seen as something rather than existing to be something. What is the point of a tactic if there’s no purpose to it?”

It’s a pretty fascinating debate that could function for any political belief. And, if that doesn’t get your fancy, the clip also gives you a chance to hear Rush Limbaugh quoting Oscar Wilde, so that’s fun.

Listen to it below:


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