Rush Limbaugh: Herman Cain ‘Hit-Piece’ Is Purely About Blacks ‘Getting Too Uppity’


“This is war. And that’s how they fight it.”

That’s how Rush Limbaugh summed up his feelings on the blossoming Herman Cain sexual harassment story during his radio show today. The “they” in question are Democrats as Limbaugh conflated the Cain story with the Marco Rubio scandal from last week and said they were both examples of liberal politicians and media figures working together to destroy conservative minority members. Limbaugh argued that both stories were purely about “blacks and hispanics getting too uppity.”

“This story appears to me to be a close relative of the hit-job that the Washington Post is doing on Marco Rubio. And it’s not news. This is not a news story. It is gutter partisan politics and it’s the politics of minority conservative personal destruction. That’s what you’ve got here. ‘Rubio and Cain, unfit to lead, don’t you see? We cannot have a black Republican running for the office of President. We cannot have one elected. We can’t have a Hispanic. The Left owns those two groups. Those two groups are going to always be minorities.'”

Limbaugh claimed that, were the Cain story to be about President Obama, the Left would be doing everything in their power to attack the women in question (which is where the above “war” quote comes in). He also compared the story to the sexual allegations against Bill Clinton saying the former President must be “laughing himself sick.”

“A story like this involving Bill Clinton, why, Clinton would be getting high fives, millions of dollars in campaign contributions from the NAGs. If this story was about Bill Clinton, the Left would be circling the wagons doing everything they can to fend off the charge. This story is a joke that can only truly be appreciated by Bill Clinton and other sexual predators.”

Limbaugh pointed out that no one in the media would dare ask anyone in the Clinton family about their thoughts. He then strangely mocked Hillary for her reaction the last time her husbands infidelities were brought up publicly. According to Limbaugh, Hillary blamed it all on a “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

Ha! Limbaugh is right to make fun of her. Blaming stories like this on vast conspiracies orchestrated by the opposing political party is sooooo silly and paranoid!

Listen to the segment below:


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