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Rush Limbaugh: Donald Trump Says He’s Conservative, But Is He?

Last week, Donald Trump called into Rush Limbaugh’s show and gave him a lengthy interview. At the time, Limbaugh seemed fairly supportive (which shouldn’t be entirely surprising considering the interview began with Trump giving $100,000 to the radio host’s charity fundraiser). Limbaugh still seemed pretty cordial today as he responded to a caller’s questions about the potential candidate. But, as the caller pressed further, some definite doubts began to slip through on Limbaugh’s part.

While the big question with Trump still remains whether or not he’s actually running, his success in the polls has brought led to follow-up questions. The biggie for Limbaugh and his caller is whether or not Trump is actually a real conservative. “Somebody told [Trump] that the conservative base is a bunch of whackos,” Limbaugh complained. “They’re not.”

Limbaugh continued:

“He’s been all over the political spectrum politically. He’s come out for abortion, he’s against abortion. He thought Obama was a great guy, Bush was an idiot. Where is it written that people can’t change their minds and can’t grow? Well, where it’s written is in core beliefs. If somebody really has a core belief, their core beliefs don’t fluctuate. This is what people are trying to figure out with Trump. When you get down to brass tacks, the best thing you can say is, I think – forget the independent run or whatever – the real question is, is he conservative?”

Both Limbaugh and the caller agreed though that, if Trump got the Republican nomination, they’d vote for him and just hope that he was what he says he is. However, Limbaugh framed this by saying that he’d vote for Elmer Fudd if it meant getting rid of President Obama.

Check out video of the conversation below:

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