Rush Limbaugh Explains Obama’s Election As The Media’s Inherent ‘Sympathy For Minorities’


With chaos in some parts of the world and with President Obama finding time to make his NCAA picks on ESPN, Rush Limbaugh decided to unload on the media for hyping Obama. Rush alleged that the Obama administration was dangerously incompetent and that the media will continue to make excuses for him, not because he’s a Democrat, but because he’s a minority.

Rush declared:

“I believe that a lot of this early support for Obama can be discovered in people on the left and the media having this inherent feeling of sympathy for minorities. They group minorities as people who are – by virtue of minority status – they are weak, they don’t ‘belong’ . . . much like the conservative intellectuals are doing with Sarah Palin – she just doesn’t belong.”

Rush said that the media’s “irrational interpretation of Obama and his political talents” and their complete dismissal of Obama’s many flaws, could only be a result of liberals believing that minorities have struggled through so much unfairness in society. Now with Obama failing to achieve the peace throughout the world that Rush claims was promised, he concluded:

“Now everybody sees what an absolute sham all of that was. There’s not even the pretense to greatness here. There’s not even an illusion of it. There’s not even, a hope for greatness, it’s all to be manufactured now.”

Although not as angry as some of the words here might suggest, Rush appeared satisfied with this moment, which he believed serves to expose the media. Since “we’ve got basically an incompetent in the highest office of the land,” Rush looks forward to watching whether the media will abandon their creation or continue to cover up for him and explain away his “dangerous incompetence.”

Listen to the clip from The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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