Rush Limbaugh: ‘Greed Has Fed More Mouths Than Charity Ever Could’

You hear that dull thud? That’s the sound of Oliver Stone kicking himself for not writing the pithy quote Rush Limbaugh just rattled off on his radio show. Yes, Limbaugh went full-on-Gekko in his support of self-interest as he asked his listeners which had “fed more mouths,” greed or charity. Of course, unlike Limbaugh, Michael Douglas probably would have balked at following up that little thought puzzle with a “weenie Liberal” impression, considering it a tad demeaning.

The quote came after a caller called in to argue that the bigger the gap between rich and poor the better as it’s better for the economy as a whole and it doesn’t help anyone when the rich lose money. Limbaugh agreed, adding on that the gap will always grow since incomes will rise and there will always be someone making nothing (although not really ’cause of all those government hand outs, amiright?!). Limbaugh then asked everyone listening to look deep into the wallets of their hearts and reflect on what everyone’s just too scared to admit.

“What do you think has fed more mouths, greed or charity? Really, you think that? What do you think, folks? What has fed more mouths in this country, the world, whatever subset of people you want to talk about. What has fed more people? ‘Freedom’ is not an option. This is a multiple choice question with two possibilities, greed or charity. That’s right. Greed has fed more mouths than charity ever could.”

At that point, Charlie Sheen or Shia LaBeouf (take your pick) could be heard stepping back aghast, finally realizing that, for all his flash and glamor, this Limbaugh guy can be kind of a jerk.

Anyway, I don’t know if I agree with Limbaugh. Maybe he was talking quantity more than quality. After all, I don’t see any soup kitchens putting out filet mignon.

Listen to the clip below:


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