Rush Limbaugh: If Mark Halperin Called Bush A ‘Dick’ Media Would Celebrate It


Rush Limbaugh had a field day today reviewing Mark Halperin‘s explicit description of what he thought about President Obama’s press conference performance. Rush couldn’t stop laughing as he followed Halperin’s lead and referred to the President as “Dick” Hussein Obama. Then he humorously described the fact that today the stock market is booming solely because of Halperin’s comment.

Rush suggested Halperin shouldn’t be too embarrassed by his description of the President, since “everybody’s thinking it.” Yet Rush was annoyed by what he perceived to be a double standard in the reaction to Halperin’s slip-up:

“If Mark Halperin had said this about say George W. Bush, would they be falling all over themselves to apologize? Nope he would be, my guess is [the media would say] ‘new ground had been broken.’ ‘Finally’ they would say ‘a reporter has had the courage and the guts to tell the nation just exactly the kind of President we have. A gutsy move. It might have been over the line. It might have been a little bit risky.'”

Rush said everyone in the media called certain Republicans “dick” all the time and there was never any outcry. Although the two examples Rush sarcastically chose were Richard Nixon and, well, Dick Cheney. And for Rush, apparently “now it’s dick Obama. We got Joe Bite Me, we got dick Obama.” And in case you didn’t get your share of “dick” jokes for the day, Rush caps it off with possibly the best one yet as he randomly decides to switch gears and discuss how Anthony Weiner is in intense “dick rehab” right now.

Yet Rush’s larger point isn’t entirely worth laughing off, and makes one wonder whether Halperin’s infraction here truly deserved the harsh penalty of “indefinite” suspension?

Listen to the clip from The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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