Rush Limbaugh: Is ’Hatred for Guns’ Animating the Media’s Coverage of Students, Protests?

Rush Limbaugh today asked whether “hatred for guns” is the bigger motivating factor in how the media is covering the student protests in Florida.

“What is the media trying to do with our emotions by hyping the students and their protests and the shooting in Florida?” Limbaugh asked. “What are they really trying to do?”

He continued:

“Death is the thing that has everybody upset, right? Unnecessary, needless wanton death. Is that the animating emotion here?… Or is it hatred for guns that is animating the passion and the emotion here and the energy from the Drive-Bys.”

Limbaugh sarcastically asked why, if it’s about death, people don’t suggest “banning the wheel” given how many kids die in car accidents. He also brought up stats on knife deaths.

Listen above, via The Rush Limbaugh Show.

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