Rush Limbaugh: It’s ‘Nauseating And Hilarious’ To Watch Obama ‘Hijack’ Credit For Everything


One has to seriously be impressed with Rush Limbaugh‘s limitless creativity, as every day he truly does seem to find a new angle to give a full-throated attack of President Obama and his policies. According to Rush, Obama is now guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt, of “parade-hijacking.” That well-known crime of taking too much credit when too many good things are happening.

Rush declares:

“Obama has gone from being the leader of the party . . . that believes the American military consists of terrorists and baby-killers to now claiming the mantle of America’s toughest, most patriotic cowboy. Obama has hijacked John Wayne from us. He’s hijacked Bush. . . . He’s gone from being best friends with flag-stomping domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, to now being best friends and the leader of Seal Team Six.”

If Rush truly believes Obama has undergone a transformation, such that Obama is now acting like tough and courageous figures, then wouldn’t that be cause for celebration? Maybe that’s why Rush claims it is “simultaneously nauseating and hilarious to watch” rather than truly outrageous?

Yet Rush wasn’t done, also warning that Obama’s credit-stealing superpowers can extend to any issue Obama tackles:

“He leads from the rear while the parade forms. After the parade forms and a consensus has developed, Obama gets on the white horse and races to the front of the parade – takes credit for whatever the cause is and hijacks it.”

It seems in the aftermath of Osama bin Laden‘s killing, conservative commentators are desperate for any new issue to really bludgeon Obama with, yet while some have latched on to the rapper controversy, it seems like Rush is sputtering a bit in his search for the next big thing.

Listen to the clip from The Rush Limbaugh Show below:

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