Rush Limbaugh: John Kerry Too Old to Be Riding a Bike


Is 71 years old too old to ride a bike? That was 64-year-old Rush Limbaugh’s takeaway from Secretary of State John Kerry’s bicycle accident in France that left him with a broken leg Sunday and delayed important diplomatic talks in Europe.

“Do you know how old John Kerry is?” Limbaugh asked his listeners Monday. “It’s tough, you know. You can’t tell a horse’s age when you look it, and since Kerry looks like a horse, it’s tough. But he’s 71 years old. Now, would somebody tell me something? What is a 71-year-old man, secretary of state, doing riding a bicycle?”

The idea that it could be for “exercise” read as “BS” to the host. “He’s doing that for the photo-op, trying to look hip with the young generation that thinks life is all about exercise and fitness and so forth,” Limbaugh said.

“You’d have never seen Dean Acheson out there at Dulles on a bike. You’d have never seen the great Colin Powell out there on a bicycle heading off to a meeting at the UN,” Limbaugh added of previous men who held Kerry’s position. “This is embarrassing.”

It seems possible that Limbaugh may not realize there are also many members of the baby boomer generation who place “exercise and fitness” in high regard.

Listen to audio below, via The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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