Rush Limbaugh: Mid-East Violence ‘Contrived’ To Be Blamed On ‘Intolerant’ Republicans

Limbaugh: Mid-East Violence ‘Contrived’ To Be Blamed On 'Intolerant' Republicans

On his syndicated radio show Monday afternoon, conservative host Rush Limbaugh suggested that last week’s Mid-East violence was “contrived” for the purpose of blaming the riots on Republicans and making it “impossible” to want to vote for Mitt Romney in the upcoming election.

At first, Limbaugh remarked how Bill Maher‘s film Religulous — which scorned all religions including Islam — didn’t cause violent protests like the recent ones many have blamed on Innocence of Muslims. He noted how probably no one in the Middle East saw Maher’s movie, and likely even less saw this recent YouTube trailer.

Limbaugh then went on to suggest that the violence was contrived by those who want to make Republicans look bad. He likened it to how he believed photographs of Bill and Hillary Clinton dancing together on a beach were released just before the Lewinsky scandal broke, as a “manipulative” attempt to counter the coming negative publicity.

“Everything the left does is a manipulation of us,” he said. “And they use the willing accomplices in the media to do this.”

“Nobody in the Middle East has seen this YouTube clip,” he continued. “They were all told about it though. And they were told about it for a reason. Whoever told them wanted what’s happening to happen. Now I don’t mean somebody wanted an ambassador to be assassinated. They wanted the protest.”

Addressing questions that President Obama wouldn’t want such protests to happen because they would make him look bad, Limbaugh said: “He’s arrogant, cocky. He doesn’t think people can blame him for this because he doesn’t get blamed for anything.”

“We’ve all been manipulated,” he continued, adding his own theory: “This is a campaign aid. This was designed part of the Obama campaign […] It makes the guy who made the movie — what is he? He’s a Coptic Christian. What is he? Intolerant. What is he? Making fun of Islamists.”

Limbaugh then suggested that this “plan” was to fulfill clichés about Republicans, namely that Romney and the GOP are “intolerant, racist, sexist, bigots.” And the narrative, he added, “was designed to make liberals and Obama look like the compassionate, big-hearted, understanding tolerant.”

His theory centers around the idea that the controversial clip’s creator has become a stand-in for the GOP: “This guy becomes Romney in the campaign. This guy becomes the reason why you wouldn’t want to vote against Obama.”

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