Rush Limbaugh: MSNBC’s Chuck Todd And Willie Geist Don’t Have Any Journalistic Credibility

Rush Limbaugh was fed up hearing about how now President Obama is going to shift his attention towards jobs and the economy. Last time Rush checked, he’s heard about such a “laser-like focus” multiple times, and he took out his aggression on MSNBC’s Chuck Todd and Willie Geist for reporting Obama’s announcement like it was new news they heard for the first time.

Rush wondered:

“How many times has Obama turned the page to the economy? How many times has he focused like a laser on the economy? How many times have these guys reported that’s what Obama has done?”

And Rush declared that “if they had any journalistic credibility, they would be talking about Obama’s incompetence at dealing with jobs and the economy,” rather than Todd and Geist pretending as if they’ve never talked about this before.

Then Rush played a clip of Todd concluding “I don’t think there’s any plan that any President or member of Congress could actually put into place that actually helps, they could just do plans that don’t hurt.” Rush essentially smacked his hand to his forehead and offered his own disappointed conclusion about Todd’s “reporting” saying “and that’s what passes as news.”

Listen to the clip from The Rush Limbaugh Show below:

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