Rush Limbaugh: Obama Is A ‘Burglar’ And ‘All Liberals Are Thieves’

Rush Limbaugh was not a fan of President Obama’s press conference. I mean he was really not a fan. Taking a tip from James Pethokoukis’ article at Reuters which posits that “the last thing the economy needs is a tax hike,” Limbaugh went after Obama and liberals at large for irreparably ruining the country “for decades.”

First he took on Obama:

“We Americans are not perfect but one thing we did that we will pay for for decades to come and our children and grandchildren will pay for is the election of a man to the presidency who is historic in the sense of his ignorance, his stubbornness, his incompetence, and his contempt for the American system. That’s what’s historic about Barack Obama. Not the color of his skin.”


Soon he broadened out to take on the American Left as a whole:

“We want Obama to stop stealing from our children and he refuses as you’d expect. He’s a burglar. All liberals are burglars. All liberals are thieves. That’s what they do, it’s who they are.”

Listen to all of this as well as Limbaugh’s thoughts on what parts of the budget should really be cut (I bet you can guess a few of them!) in the clip below:

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