Rush Limbaugh On Uninsured: Let Them Eat Applesauce!

Rush Limbaugh, bastion of compassion, weighed in yesterday with his views on the health care reform summit and the woes of people who are not covered. In particular, Rep. Louise Slaughter, who during yesterday’s Summit hightlighted the plight of one of her constituents who was forced to use her dead sister’s dentures. Rush, suffice to say, was not moved.

You know I’m getting so many people, this Louise Slaughter comment on the dentures? I’m getting so many people, this is big, I mean, that gets a one-time mention for a laugh, but there are people out there that think this is huge because it’s so stupid. I mean for example, well what’s wrong with using a dead person’s teeth? Aren’t the Democrats big into recycling? Save the planet? And so what? So if you don’t have any teeth, so what? What’s applesauce for? Isn’t that why they make applesauce? [Big sigh]

Here’s the thing about Rush Limbaugh. On paper he sounds like a Jon Stewart clip. In person, it’s clear he’s not joking, or actually even being satirical! Unless you’re Sarah Palin, then it’s maybe less clear. Audio below.

[h/t Media Matters]

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