Rush Limbaugh Responds To Slam In HBO’s The Newsroom…By Promoting Breaking Bad

Last night on HBO’s The Newsroom (Who’s still watching The Newsroom? Besides our own Sarah Devlin, of course), Jeff Daniels‘ fictional loud mouth Will McAvoy went off on non-fictional loud mouth Rush Limbaugh, going so far as to propose that “people who willfully, purposefully and gleefully lie to the American people in order to damage someone’s reputation” should be registered like sex offenders. Today on his radio show, Limbaugh described himself as unpaid “product placement,” claiming that Newsroom creator Aaron Sorkin just attacked him hoping that Limbaugh would respond on his show and give the HBO series promotion. So, today, Limbaugh did respond…by spending a couple of minutes talking about how awesome Breaking Bad (The Newsroom‘s direct timeslot competitor) is.

It’s a pretty brilliant response (And an accurate one. Seriously, if you don’t watch Breaking Bad yet, you’re basically less worthwhile as a human being), however, if you think Rush Limbaugh has the willpower to leave it at that and not try for the last word, well, you’ve clearly never listened to El Rushbo before.

First, Limbaugh went after the claim in The Newsroom that he had repeatedly told listeners to buy guns because President Obama was going to make them illegal. Limbaugh claimed he never said that. He did, however, follow this up instantly by repeating his theory that Fast and Furious was all an incredibly long conspiracy to make guns in Mexico scary so they’d be regulated more heavily here. Which is better, I guess?

Next, Limbaugh went after the whole “sex offender” thing. The comment in the show was based around Limbaugh’s 2010 repeating of the inaccurate story about the cost of Obama’s trip to India. The radio host defended himself by claiming the story was believable because of Obama’s other extravagant travels.

As for getting registered:

“That is [liberal] fantasy. Their fantasy is, in a second Obama administration, that conservatives would have to register like sex offenders. That’s their fantasy. ‘In order to damage someone’s reputation…’ You mean like Obama’s doing now with this silly notion that Romney’s a felon? From Mr. Civility himself, all of this guttural, rotgut sleaze coming in the form of a presidential campaign, coming from Obama?”

So on and so forth. Politics, sheesh. So many loud mouths.

Lets talk about Breaking Bad some more.

Listen to the Limbaugh clip below:

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