Rush Limbaugh Rips GOP Strategist Who Warned Against Basing Views On Limbaugh’s ‘Dream Journal’


On Monday, Rush Limbaugh responded Republican strategist Mike Murphy, who advised that the GOP should stray away from a vision that is right out of “Rush Limbaugh’s dream journal.” Limbaugh readily dismissed the criticism, noting that they got the candidate they wanted. Not to mention, he added, these consultants get rich regardless of who wins.

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“The biggest problem that Romney had was the Republican primary,” Murphy said on Meet the Press. “That’s what’s driving the Republican brand right now to a disaster, and we’ve got to get, kind of, a party view of America that’s not right out of Rush Limbaugh’s dream journal.”

“What, folks, did I or any of you have to do with the Republican primary?” Limbaugh asked. “Did not Murphy get the candidate he wanted? All these consultants, do you realize they get rich no matter who wins or loses? Little-known secret. They get rich no matter who wins or loses. But the Republican primary, as far as he’s concerned there were too many conservatives in it saying too many stupid things.”

Limbaugh additionally referred to the following remarks made by Steve Schmidt:

“And then when you look at the demographics, who is Rush Limbaugh talking to? He is talking to a demographic that’s white, 65 plus, and rural. It’s not what the country looks like anymore. So you have these talk radio hosts making millions and millions and millions of dollars a year driving a message of complete and total ludicrous nonsense into the electorate, a lot of it poisonous.”

“Okay, so you people are all white, 65 and over, and you live in the sticks,” Limbaugh said. “And you are screwing up the Republican Party, because you are believing what I say. This is their explanation for having lost.”

“And so it’s quite natural to blame somebody else,” he added. “Obama got away with it. Obama blamed Bush and he got away with it, people bought it. So now these guys want to blame me. Should I change my name? I’m so disgraced now, should I change my name to Lance Armstrong or Petraeus?”

Limbaugh then summed up his critique of GOP strategists placing blame for him:

I don’t like saying it at all, but these Republican consultants, all of whom now are trying to blame me for what’s happened, I haven’t run one campaign, and they know it. They think they have the strategy, they have the blueprint, they know how to win, though none of them ever do. But then I come along, and I get the public so riled up that I end up getting people to vote in ways against the strategists have convinced their candidates they can make happen. So it’s my fault.

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