Rush Limbaugh Tries His Best To Persuade Heartbroken Palin Supporter That It Just Ain’t Happening

Like many children, I was greatly affected by the scene in Bambi where the young deer’s mother is shot. Bambi runs through the snowy woods frantically trying to find his mother until his father, the Prince of the forest, appears and calmly tells him, “Your mother can’t be with you anymore.” The way I felt watching that scene is the same way I feel listening to this Rush Limbaugh clip as Limbaugh tries his very best to explane to a poor Sarah Palin supporter that, dude, it just ain’t happening.

Listen and empathize with the man as he desperately rambles about “back door deals” and “strategies to reenter the race,” and then hear great, paternal buck Limbaugh say, as plainly as he can, “I wouldn’t hold out hope for that.”

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This is the tearjerker of the season, folks. Parents, be warned that you’ll probably want to have a long talk with your children after they listen to this clip. Even if you do, it’s possible that they’ll still wake up in the middle of the night, a horrible nightmare fresh in their minds, screaming “Sarah, where are you?!” or “Romney, no!!!”

Listen to the clip below:


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