Rush Limbaugh: Weiner’s Career Isn’t Over; Media Will Be ‘Totally Invested’ In Rehabbing His Career

After listening to Wolf Blitzer reflect on his lie-filled interview with Rep. Anthony Weiner, Rush Limbaugh had to disagree with the tone the media is taking while covering the seemingly imminent resignation. Limbaugh felt that many of those in the media are treating Weiner like he’s “finished” when he feels like that’s far from the case. And, according to Limbaugh, it will be the media who help bring about Weiner’s inevitable triumphant return.

Limbaugh, flanked by a case of Two if by Tea, explained it thusly:

“One thing constantly amazes me about all of this. You have a situation like this and the attention that it’s getting now is all ‘Weiner’s finished. His career is over. That’s it.’ That’s not the case at all. For crying out loud, Bill Clinton survived big time and he did far worse than this. And, in our crazed pop culture, Weiner’s gonna go to rehab wherever that is, he’s going to come out of rehab whenever that it, and he’s going to be a figure of tremendous curiosity. He’s going to have a rebirth. Our pop culture is such that he’s going to be the focus of a lot of attention and I guarantee you that the media is going to be totally invested on entirely and thoroughly rehabbing his career.”

Limbaugh summed it up by saying “you could write the script” of Weiner’s return now.

Watch the clip below:

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