Russell Simmons Disses Geraldo’s Hip-Hop Comments: ‘Just Trying to Make Himself Relevant’

Geraldo Rivera has been on the anti-hip-hop warpath this week, starting with his appearance on HuffPost Live in which he blasted entertainment mogul Russell Simmons for promoting the music. “I love Russell Simmons, he’s a dear friend of mine. I admire his business acumen,” Rivera had said, before going on to slam Simmons and the hip-hop industry as “very destructive culturally.”

TMZ then caught up with his “dear friend” Russell Simmons. “He lost on The Apprentice,, man; I can’t respect that,” Simmons laughed.

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Explaining that hip-hop was the language of a culture of oppression — “that poetry comes as a reflection of that jail culture” — Simmons then slammed Rivera for becoming a “talking head.”

“After losing, he’s just talk,” Simmons said. “He’s just trying to make himself relevant.”

Watch below via TMZ:

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