Russian-Linked Hackers Reportedly Attempted to Breach Hillary’s Private Server

hillaryWhen Hillary Clinton fielded questions about her private server use in the past, one of the recurring defenses she has used was that there was no evidence that her doing so caused any major security problems.

Within the 6,300 pages of emails that were released today, however, it was shown that hackers linked to Russia tried to pry their way in at least five times.

While it is unclear whether she opened them and exposed her account, Clinton received several infected emails disguised as speeding tickets back in 2011. The emails instructed recipients to print the attached tickets, which would have given a virus a way into her computer:

Numerous concerns have been raised regarding whether Clinton’s private server has made sensitive information more vulnerable to hackers, which were made more worrisome by the recent cyber-attacks on the government from the Chinese and the Russians. Security researchers have analyzed the software, and said that infected computers would end up transmitting information from victims to at least three server computers overseas.

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