Russian News Network Ties Moscow Airport Bombing To Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Russia Today, a government-financed satellite news network, has aired a report linking the suicide bomb attack on the Domdedovo Airport in Moscow Monday with an American video game. According to the report, the airport attack “mirrors” a scenario found in the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which includes a dramatized commando raid on a Moscow airport.

As The New York Times explains, the Russia Today report “emphasized that the video game was made by Americans” and includes an interview with Walid Phares, a Fox News terrorism analyst, who suggested that terrorists might “look at the games and say these games will serve them to train.”

The Times points out the airport attack in Call of Duty is in reality quite different from the suicide bombing: unlike the suicide bomb, the video game involves a group of attackers entering the airport with automatic weapons and firing at passengers–far closer to the 2008 terror attacks in Mumbai.

Watch the video from RT below:

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