Russian Nurse Lost 66 lbs., So Russia Gave Her 4.5 Metric Tons of Coal

shutterstock_343724948The local government in Russia’s Kemerovo region made good on its promise to reward citizens who lost a certain amount of weight with a wintertime prize: coal.

The Associated Press reports that Yelena Salnikova, a 43-year-old nurse, lost 30 kilos (66 lbs.) after starting a new diet and exercise routine in July. That’s when Salnikova hit 112 kilos (nearly 250 lbs.).

“I had insomnia, headaches, I could hardly climb stairs to the fourth floor,” she told the press.

By December, the nurse had lost 30 kiloes — meaning that she had qualified for the local government’s weight loss reward program. That is, 1.5 metric tons of coal for ever 10 kilos loss.

So Governor Aman Tuleyev‘s government trucked 4.5 metric tons of the black stuff to Salnikova’s house in Kemerovo.

And yes, the Kemerovo government plans on turning the novel weight loss program into a reality television show.

[h/t Associated Press]
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