Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford Bask In the Most Enjoyable Morning Show Interview Ever


Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford aren’t just movie stars. They are also the sort of dreamboat actors who have a strong sense of humor and also appear to not take themselves too seriously. They are also currently on something of a promotional tour in advance of the Blade Runner sequel, Blade Runner 2049 that opens in theaters tomorrow.

Not a ton to say about this video, apart from the fact that the host of British ITV programme This Morning,  Alison Hammond, opens with a wonderful misdirect in describing as “bleak and dystopian” her interview style (and not the bleak and dystopian film her subjects are ostensibly promoting.) The interview quickly turns to shots of what appears to be bourbon, lots of laughs and just general frivolity the likes of which one rarely sees in the standard movie promotion interview pablum.

Which is why we thought to share with you, dear Mediaite reader! Watch above courtesy of ITV.

–image via screen capture–


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