S.E. Cupp: 2008 Palin ‘Would Have Seen Through Trump’s Charlatan Candidacy’

se-cuppSarah Palin has received plenty of criticism on the right for appearing to abandon her conservative principles in endorsing Donald Trump, and S.E. Cupp is joining that chorus of voices.

In a New York Daily News column today, Cupp was amazed that Palin would go all the way in endorsing Trump when he’s held liberal positions on issues “that are particularly important to Palin.”

She goes through his “long history of liberalism” and his past support of abortion and an assault-weapons ban to wonder how Palin couldn’t possibly have even a smidgen of suspicion about his supposed conversion.

And what bothers Cupp the most is that Palin used to be better than this:

The Sarah Palin I knew in 2008 — the one who campaigned tirelessly and many times thanklessly for John McCain, a war veteran Trump has openly mocked — would have seen through Trump’s charlatan candidacy. The Sarah Palin I knew in 2008, a devout Christian whose faith was constantly scrutinized by the secular left, would have no affection for a man who is constantly scrutinizing the devout Christian faiths of other conservative candidates.

Yesterday Cupp said she’s a little mystified why Palin wants Hillary Clinton to win so badly.

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