S.E. Cupp Lights Fire to Harris Faulkner’s Interview With Trump: ‘It Wasn’t Journalism,’ It Was ‘An Infomercial’


S.E. Cupp was less than impressed with Harris Faulkner‘s performance interviewing President Donald Trump Thursday on Fox News.

Appearing on CNN Right Now for a post-interview breakdown, Cupp took a flamethrower to a program she saw less as Frost-Nixon, and more as Ronco Grill.

“That was not an interview,” Cupp said. “It was an infomercial allowing the president to provide his evidence. ‘See, look what this paper says, and look what this person says.’ To ask the president how he feels about his good approval numbers. I mean, I watched the whole interview. It wasn’t journalism. That was an infomercial.”

Cupp didn’t mention Faulkner by name in her criticism. Instead, the conservative commentator went after her whole network — arguing that the message the president delivered was Fox News-approved.

“I’m not sure we really learned much about the [Robert Mueller] investigation, or China, or tariffs, or anything else that’s going on in that orbit,” Cupp said. “Because all we heard was what Trump wanted to say, and what Fox wanted us to hear. So I don’t put a lot of stock in what the questions asked, and what his answers were.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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