S.E. Cupp Rips Neera Tanden For Complaining the NYT Isn’t Friendly to the Left: ‘Is That a G-D Joke?!’


On Sunday, we posted about a segment on CNN’s Reliable Sources in which former Hillary Clinton adviser Neera Tanden criticized The New York Times for publishing a series of letters on its op-ed page last week from supporters of President Donald Trump.

“I actually think it is fine to hear from Trump voters,” Tanden said. “I think the challenge is that we don’t hear enough of the Resistance.”

S.E. Cupp is not even remotely here for that take.

Monday night, the conservative Unfiltered host absolutely shredded Tanden for claiming that progressive causes are largely ignored by the paper of record.

“Have you ever read literally every other page of The New York Times?” Cupp said. “‘The New York Times is too conservative’… said no one ever.”

She added, “‘The New York Times isn’t covering the resistance.’ Is that a G-D joke?!”

Cupp threw to a graphic listing every piece the Times has published about the Resistance since last January.

“If I let [the graphic] finish, we’d be here until 2079,” Cupp said.

The metrics seem to back up the Unfiltered host on this one — at least as far as the op-ed page goes. Consider that the Times editorial board has not endorsed a Republican for president since Eisenhower in 1956.

And so, if the Times lets the Make America Great Again crowd have a page or two every now and then, S.E. Cupp thinks Neera Tanden and her ilk on the left would be wise not to view it as a catastrophic event.

“The media checks in with Trump voters from time-to-time — and let’s be honest, mostly to gawk at them — and this is media treason?!” Cupp said.

Watch above, via HLN.

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