Sally Kohn: If Trump Weren’t a White Man, He Wouldn’t Be Getting Support

KohnHughesIn a combative CNN segment Thursday night, political commentator Sally Kohn insisted that Hillary Clinton was not playing the “woman card,” as Trump suggested. But Donald Trump’s support was inextricably linked to the fact that he is a white man.

Trump supporter Scottie Nell Hughes echoed Trump’s comments, insisting that Clinton was relying heavily on her gender for support. Kohn retorted that the argument about leaning on identity politics went both ways.

Kohn said:

Most of [Trump’s] supporters are only voting for him because he’s a white guy. And frankly if he were a woman or, I don’t know, Latino, Muslim, any of the groups that he’s stoked hatred amongst his supporters, if he were any of those, I don’t think he would be getting support either. So if you want to talk about gender and race, let’s talk about gender and race.

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