Salon’s Glenn Greenwald Asks Internet To Help Him Identify Furry Varmint In His Kitchen

Salon’s Glenn Greenwald, not oft deterred by hairy subjects, met a match last night that he was not prepared for in, of all places, his kitchen pantry.

“Does anyone happen to know what this bizarre creature is- just found in our pantry- & how one can encourage it to exit?” he tweeted, attaching a video of the little and long-snouted thing, lowly hissing in the corner.

Twitter was quick to identified the little guy as an opossum, and advised Greenwald to lead him peacefully back out into the wild with a trail of cat food. Ever-wise, their plan worked: cat food and “creature are gone,” and Greenwald is back to business.

Check out the thing for yourself:

H/T Huffington Post

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