Salon’s “Crazy” Honor Bestowed On GOP Rep. Randy Neugebauer

Citing that his outburst during the Congressional passing of the health care bill was outrageous, but that his explanation for the “baby-killer” remarks were “downright nutty,” Salon has named Republican Congressman Randy Neugebauer their mascot for “This Week in Crazy.”

In defense of their choice, Salon pointed out that Neugebauer has been a publicity tour not to apologize for his remarks, but to use them to his advantage:

He also posted a soft-focus video on his campaign Web site, which made it clear how little the “apologies” he had offered Stupak were worth. Neugebauer wasn’t sorry; he was laughing all the way to the bank about the outburst. “Not only did we see the government takeover of your healthcare, but we saw the lives of unborn children used as a bargaining chip,” Neugebauer said. “Donate,” said the red banner at the top of the Web site that the video directed viewers toward. In the end, he’ll make out just fine.

Now Neugebauer can ascend to such great heights as some of his “This Week In Crazy” compatriots, including Sandra Bullock‘s husband Jesse James, Jenny McCarthy, and Jim Bunning.

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