Salvation Army Fires Back at Snarky Sports Reporter After Must-See Touchdown Celebration


Despite the fact that I would have loved to see the Dallas Cowboys lose in their home effort last night to the Tampa Bay Bucs, I need to tip my hat to rookie running back sensation Ezekiel Elliott. After scoring a redzone touchdown in the second quarter, Zeke ran and immediately hopped into the red kettle bell of the Salvation Army, a charitable partner of the Cowboys franchise, as part of his celebration.

Technically, Elliott will earn a fine by the National Football League for using a prop as part of his celebration. But that didn’t stop social media from lighting up Sunday night, and even the Cowboys themselves made the most of the moment in question:

The Jones family that owns the franchise has been one of the biggest contributors to the Salvation Army, and Elliott’s hop was immediately a must-see highlight from Dallas’ 26-20 victory Sunday night. Enter Darren Rovell, an unpopular sports reporter for ESPN who Deadspin once referred to as “a sensitive penis,” who tried to rain all over the holiday spirit of Zeke’s charitable celebration.

“Not subtle,” Rovell wrote. “Salvation Army using Elliott now to ask for your money.” It didn’t take long for The Salvation Army to fire back at Rovell, noting the enormity of their philanthropic ambitions at the holidays.

Rovell in kind put his tail between his legs:

I give Elliott credit for the ingenious and warm-hearted celebration, even if the whole thing is one cooked-up plan by the Salvation Army. That said, my Giants are hot on their heels at 10-4; as long as the Salvation Army meets its goals for charitable giving and the Giants go further than the Cowboys in the postseason, it will be a happy holiday for us all. For more information on giving to the Salvation Army, visit for the latest on feeding the hungry and sheltering the homeless in need.

UPDATE: 9:14 a.m. EST: NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported Monday morning that it seems as if the league will not find Elliott for his red bell dance after all:

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