Sam Bee Breaks Down How the Religious Right Devised Conservative Obsession with Abortion

Samantha Bee used her Monday night show to go on another trip back through time, and demonstrate how evangelical conservatives were able to mainstream the Republican Party’s opposition to the concept of abortion.

Full Frontal has touched on both sides of this coin many times before. Bee used last week’s episode to describe how the Religious Right returned to its nativist roots by supporting a man like Donald Trump, and she demolished policy efforts to control abortion in the week before that.

This time around, Bee explained how the Roe v. Wade decision was only part of a broader effort by Jerry Falwell, Paul Wirke and other figures of the Moral Majority to expand their influence in the late 70’s. For proof, Bee pointed to a conference call where evangelical leaders decided that abortion would be one of the easiest issues for them to politicize.

Bee also featured an interview with filmmaker Frank Schaeffer, who explained how Jack Kemp and other politicians used his films to “legitimize” the anti-abortion push and turned it into a full-fledged movement. This occurred, Schaeffer said, even though many evangelical figures don’t really want to have anything to do with abortion or politics.

“After a generation spent successfully riling up the base with feverish anti-abortion rhetoric, it’s no surprise that the divisive issue has divided many from their own sanity,” Bee said.

Watch above, via TBS.

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