Sam Bee Rips Media Coverage of Bannon: ‘How Is CNN Just Now Discovering’ His White Nationalist Ties?

Since Donald Trump appointed Stephen K. Bannon of incendiary Breitbart headline fame as his chief strategist, people in the media have come forward to denounce the decision. Glenn BeckCarol Costello, and Stephen Colbert all took time to point out his ties to white nationalism and his anti-Semitic behavior, if that gives you any idea of how bipartisan the anger over his appointment is. Media consumers, too, have started calling on networks and outlets to disclose Bannon’s ideologies in headlines. Over on TBS, Samantha Bee could hardly get over how clueless the media seems about Bannon in general.

Bannon was, after all, brought onto Trump’s campaign months ago, so the shocked reaction from pundits and journalists who are reporting on his previous activities infuriated her during the taping for Monday night’s show.

After playing a clip of Costello talking about Bannon, she demanded, “How is CNN just now discovering that he is the milkshake that brings all the deplorables to the yard?” (Recall that Trump supporters adopted the nickname after Hillary Clinton said half of them belong in a “basket of deplorables.”)

She went on to circle back to Trump himself, saying he’s so unpredictable that he’s likely to appoint a rabid possum in the hopes it would bite Katy Tur.

Watch the whole thing above.

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