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Sanders Makes Another Plea to Supporters: Clinton ‘Far Superior’ to Trump

sandersBernie Sanders is again trying to be as clear as he possibly can: his supporters who believe in his message who want the fight to continue should be getting behind Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump.

He has a new op-ed in the LA Times today literally titled “Bernie Sanders: I support Hillary Clinton. So should everyone who voted for me.”

Sanders is clearly aware that a lot of his supporters are not happy with Clinton, and some are even willing to throw in with Trump. (Though not as many as you would think.)

In the op-ed, Sanders writes, “Donald Trump would be a disaster and an embarrassment for our country if he were elected president… On virtually every major issue facing this country and the needs of working families, Clinton’s positions are far superior to Trump’s.”

He goes out of his way to highlight all the ways Clinton is closer to his line of thinking than Trump is, ending by making it clear it’s easier to continue their revolution after Clinton’s in office as opposed to Trump:

I understand that many of my supporters are disappointed by the final results of the nominating process, but being despondent and inactive is not going to improve anything. Going forward and continuing the struggle is what matters. And, in that struggle, the most immediate task we face is to defeat Donald Trump.

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