Sanders Staffers Say Campaign Just Didn’t Try Very Hard to Win the Black Vote

Bernie Sanders portraitIn a revealing article published in Fusion MondayTerrell Jermaine Starr reports on how the Bernie Sanders campaign failed to win over the African-American vote, in part because it simply felt it had no chance convincing them to switch their vote from Hillary Clinton.

Starr spoke to several former Sanders staffers, painting a picture of a campaign that was so convinced that black progressives were in the tank for Hillary Clinton that it didn’t want to “waste” resources trying to win them over. As a result, Sanders lost among black voters in several states and ultimately failed to win the nomination.

Starr writes:

Sanders himself was “sincere to the core,” said Roy Tatem, the campaign’s former deputy director for African-American outreach. But he said he felt that neither campaign manager Jeff Weaver nor other high-ranking figures thought Sanders could overcome Hillary Clinton’s appeal to black voters.

“I think they felt that the relationship with Hillary was so strong that they didn’t have confidence in doing much of anything to change it,” Tatem said. “Some people felt he had a better chance at winning the Latino vote and the millennial vote than the black vote.”

You can read the complete report at Fusion.

[image: DonkeyHotey, via Flickr. Available under Creative Commons license CC BY 2.0.]

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