Sanders Within 8 Points of Clinton in Wisconsin Straw Poll

sandersDemocratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders nabbed 41% of a Wisconsin Democratic straw poll this weekend, the highest showing any challenger to frontrunner Hillary Clinton has posted so far. Neither candidate attended the Wisconsin Democratic Party convention where the poll was taken, though Clinton sent along a letter promising to visit the state soon.

Clinton has long been presumed the frontrunner of the race, polling a gaudy 50 points ahead of her potential rivals. However, Sanders has seen impressive fundraising numbers and rally turnout since becoming the first candidate to oppose Clinton for the nomination.

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All that having been said, straw polls are non-binding tallies of party faithful — ask someone with the last name of Paul or Bachmann how much good they do you. Via Politico, Sanders was primed to do well in this particular contest:

Wisconsin in recent years has been the scene of acrimonious battles between organized labor and Gov. Scott Walker, an all-but-certain Republican presidential candidate who has weakened unions in the state. Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist who has railed against stagnating wages and income inequality for years, is popular among organized labor and has visited several union halls since announcing his candidacy.

Nonetheless, the proletarian version of champagne corks are probably being popped at Sanders’ headquarters right now.

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