Sanders’s Proposed Universal Healthcare Plan Covers Undocumented Immigrants

imageedit_130_5227928690Last night, prior to the first Democratic debate of the year, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders released his new healthcare plan. At the debate itself, he and frontrunner Hillary Clinton went around the issue a little, but one interesting aspect of his proposal was conspicuously left out.

Sanders’s plan includes coverage for undocumented immigrants, which wasn’t even explicitly mentioned in the proposal he released to his website. Instead, an aide confirmed to Politico late last night that millions of illegal residents would receive health care coverage under his envisioned single-payer plan.

The term used by senior policy adviser Warren Gunnels was actually “aspiring Americans,” which I quite prefer to “undocumented immigrants.” Aspiring Americans were very carefully left out of the universal healthcare proposed and implemented during President Barack Obama‘s tenure, so their inclusion here marks even more of a drastic departure from Obamacare than voters initially saw yesterday.

Last night, Clinton was very clear that Sanders’s plan is totally unrealistic in today’s hyper-partisan political climate.

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