Sarah Huckabee Sanders Shares Photo of Vladimir Putin With His Eyes Closed

While the meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin featured plenty of awkward body language, Sarah Huckabee Sanders opted to choose one of the more odd moments to share, as the Russian president almost looks asleep in a photo tweeted by the White House press secretary.

“@realDonaldTrump and President Putin sit down for one on one meeting in Helsinki, Finland,” tweeted Sanders in the post, which features Putin with his eyes closed, while Trump can be seen with a blank and somewhat-confused-looking expression on his face.

Trump spent much of the meeting leaning forward in his chair, rather than leaning on the back of it, and tapping the tips of his fingers together. In the other chair, Putin casually slouched back while resting on the arm rest for much of the discussion. Trump eventually spiced things up however, as he shared a knowing-wink with the Russian president during the meeting between the two world leaders — which will almost certainly become a popular GIF for months to come.

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