Sarah Palin Emails To Be Released Today: So, What’s In Them?

Got weekend plans? Cancel them. The Great Sarah Palin Document Dump kicks off today, and that means 250 pounds of printed emails from Palin’s time as governor of Alaska will be carted off by eager reporters at 9 a.m. in Juneau (1 p.m. ET/US). The best of the emails will be immediately posted to news websites thanks to an eager army of journalists and volunteers who will sift through the emails looking for gems. The records were requested by, other news organizations and citizens in 2008, when Palin was named as Sen. John McCain‘s vice-presidential running mate. Their release comes long after that campaign ended, but as speculation about Palin’s future has reached a new high.

What’s in store today? The content of the emails isn’t known, but plans for their distribution are: will open the paper records immediately to citizens of Alaska, to whom the records belong. Volunteers from the League of Women Voters and the Retired Public Employees of Alaska will be at Juneau’s Centennial Hall convention center, chewing through bagels and the stacks of documents. The volunteers will look for any significant or interesting emails, stick a post-it note on the page, and pass them to journalists, who also will be reading through the 24,000 pages. Exact copies of the best of those emails will be posted online immediately.

Here’s the story from NBC News:

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