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Sarah Palin Just Gave Hillary Clinton The Perfect Nickname For Donald Trump

Although the general election campaign has yet to really get started, early polls between presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton have been disturbingly close, and while Hillary remains mired in a primary with Bernie Sanders, Trump has set about branding “Crooked Hillary” as he has so many of his other opponents. Hillary has tried out a few monikers, like “Unqualified Loose Cannon” and “Bully in the Pulpit,” that lack the biting zip of Trump’s simpler Mean Girls-style attacks.

Enter Sarah Palin, who delivered one of her trademark “Slam Poetry-Meets-Defective See ‘n Sayintroductions for Donald Trump at a rally in San Diego on Friday, and who nailed Trump’s nickname like a coked-up carpenter with OCD:

Setting aside the ultra-disturbing mental music video that name evokes, you could chain dozens of political consultants to their desks for a year and never come up with anything remotely that good. It is perfect, and Sarah Palin is a genius. Hillary Clinton should, between now and November, never ever utter Donald Trump’s name without preceding it with “Golden Wrecking Ball.”

In honor of Palin’s monumental achievement in accidental political consultancy, here are some other highlights from her introduction of Donald Trump yesterday:

Don’t ever change, Sarah Palin. You’re perfect the way you are.

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