Sarah Palin Says Black Pastor’s RNC Speech Was ‘Goosebumps-Inciting’

sarah-palin-seth-meyers-louis-ck-snl40-apology-300x207Despite the fact that there are only 18 black delegates to the Republican National Convention out of a total of 2,472 delegates, or perhaps because of it, the convention has managed to feature several non-white speakers, among them prominent Cleveland pastor and Donald Trump supporter Darrell Scott. Sen. Ted Cruz’s attention-grabbing non-endorsement speech, which earned a complete rebuke from former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, but she seems to have really liked Pastor Scott’s speech, or not, depending on how you feel about violent dermatological outbreaks. From Facebook:

Ohhhh, yes! Eight minutes of goosebumps-inciting truth from Pastor Darrell Scott of Cleveland at the GOP Convention. Talk about an anointing!

“Inciting,” of course, means to urge or persuade to act in a violent or unlawful way, which doesn’t sound pleasant even where goosebumps are concerned, but hey, different strokes. Judging by the context of Palin’s remarks, she seems to have enjoyed the speech, if not the rioting gooseflesh that attended it.

Palin herself is absent from this year’s convention, a fact that many observers chalk up to the recent resolution of her son’s legal woes stemming from a domestic violence arrest.

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