Scarborough Daydreams About Bannon-Led ‘Conservative Populist Network … That Competes With Fox’


As part of Morning Joe’s ongoing anti-Bannon tribal rain dance, the show’s eponymous host decided to indulge in some daydreaming about what Steve Bannon might do now that he was fully unshackled from the West Wing.

As a keen media observer, Joe Scarborough couldn’t help speculating that Bannon might take the helm of a new “Conservative populist network” that could rival Fox News.

“If I’m Steve Bannon and I look at the landscape and I look at Fox News trying to figure out exactly what it’s going to be after Roger Ailes, I team up and start a Conservative populist network. The money there would be outrageous,” said Scarborough.

Mark Halperin — who is having a good day on Mediaite today — took a moment to draw the distinction between being profitable and being influential.

Breitbart was influential before Bannon left, they were influential in his absence, he has the capacity … to increase their influence and their influence in offices of House Republican members is bigger on many days than Fox News is.”

As a throw away, Scarborough couldn’t help imagining a rival conservative network, led by Bannon and Breitbart’s financial backers Bob and Rebekah Mercer, dividing Fox News’ audience and leaving his employer to rule the news with a united liberal monolith.

“I would just be surprised if he and the Mercers weren’t trying to figure out a way to start a TV network that competes with Fox.”

Trump’s election to the presidency dashed hoped for a Trump TV — a widely speculated prospect in the event of a Clinton triumph. The White House has nevertheless done their best to move ahead with the idea anyway, including launching a series of delightfully state-run looking broadcasts from Trump Tower. One episode, starring ex-CNNer Kayleigh McEnany came in for significant criticism earlier this month.

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