Would Joe Biden Have Lost to Donald Trump? Scarborough Weighs In

All MSNBC host Joe Scarborough needed to convey his response to the question of whether Vice President Joe Biden would have lost to Donald Trump in a general election was a single word:


Scarborough, the cohost of Morning Joe, told his colleague Mika Brzezinski that if Joe¬†Biden had received the Democratic party nomination for President, there are just simply some states that he wouldn’t have lost.

“Joe, do you think if Joe Biden had run, we’d be in this situation, given the Democratic nominee?” Brzezinski asked Scarborough.

“No,” replied Scarborough. “I think Joe Biden would have won Pennsylvania. I think Joe Biden would have won Wisconsin,” he continued.

Pennsylvania was the crucial final battleground state that the Republican nominee needed to put him over the 270 threshold to clinch president-elect status. “Donald Trump is every bit as unique, politically, as far as skills go, as Ronald Reagan or Barack Obama in his own way.”

“You don’t want to say ‘Oh, Joe Biden would have beaten Donald Trump,’ but Donald Trump would have needed another path,” he concluded.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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