Scotland Yard Claims Over 800 People Were Targeted For Phone Hacking In Tabloid Scandal

Remember that whole “British tabloids are sleazier than we thought” story that happened over the summer? Well, all this time the British government has been investigating the claims of phone hacking by celebrities and others. After studying the case for several months, but Scotland Yard has already determined that there are over 800 victims of the phone hacking crisis that have emerged over the course of their investigations.

The deputy assistant commissioner for Scotland Yard publicly explained that over 2000 people have been involved in the case and have been in contact with law enforcement. According to Yahoo News, many people’s names were discovered in the little black book of a private investigator hired by the News of the World paper to help them hack phones.

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The investigation is being called “Operation Weeting,” and is probing exactly how much wrongdoing the paper engaged in and who will have to answer for its alleged crimes. News Corporation executives, including the big man Rupert Murdoch himself, testified before Parliament about the accusations, and the Prime Minister has launched inquiries into not just specific instances of phone hacking by the News of the World, but also general misconduct by British tabloids. An unnamed woman was cleared of charges in the midst of investigations that spread as far as Scotland Yard itself.

h/t Yahoo News

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