Scott Brown Is Scared of Virtually Non-Existent Polio Crossing the Border

With only days left in the New Hampshire Senate race, GOP candidate Scott Brown pulled out the epidemic-caused-by-illegal-immigrants-and-that’s-why-we-need-stricter-border-control-laws card.

Speaking to NH1 Radio, Scott said that he’d run into concerns about border safety throughout the state, adding that his platform was based on “rational fear.”

“The number one, two, and three issues on their mind is ebola, because of the lack of government’s coordination and coherent policy on that,” Brown said. “They’re talking about ebola because we have people coming here illegally.”

“Carrying diseases doesn’t need to be Ebola,” he clarified, so it didn’t seem like he was fearmongering too much. “But the whooping cough and polio and other types of potential diseases are coming through.”

According to the World Health Organization, polio has been nearly eradicated throughout the world, and and is easily preventable through vaccination. In fact, a few days ago, Google celebrated the 100th birthday of Jonas Salk, the man who invented the polio vaccine. (If Brown really wanted to fearmonger properly, he would point out that the only countries that still report polio outbreaks are the terrorism badlands of Nigeria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan; but that would require some super intense fearmongering.)

As for whooping cough, well, it’s already here, and its resurgence may have more to do with the virus’s evolution and an upper-class fear of vaccines, than it does with them illegals.

[Bloomberg Politics]
[Image via Scott Brown/Facebook]

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