Scott Brown Wins; Is Health Care Reform Now Dead? (Update)

AP has now declared Republican candidate Scott Brown to have defeated rival Democrat Martha Coakley to be the replacement Senator representing the traditionally liberal state of Massachusetts.

Some are sure to present the neck-and-neck race as a referendum on the Obama Administration, others have already pointed out that this could, in fact, be bad for the GOP. Either way, the analysis of this results, and its implications for the looming mid-term vote, is certain to be a huge talking point in the next six months.

AP called the election at roughly 9:21 PM, and then all news outlets reported that Coakley had called Brown to concede defeat. The contest had the biggest of implications on the national political stage and it appears that Massachusetts voters have chosen the successor to the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy. This result effectively kills the current super-majority Democrats hold in Senate and delivers a potentially crushing blow to Health Care reform.

Announcement on Hannity:

Scott Brown’s Acceptance Speech:

Martha Coakley’s Concession Speech:

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