comScore Sean Hannity Gets ‘Teary’ Over The Onion’s Provocative Roger Ailes Joke

Sean Hannity Gets ‘Teary’ Over The Onion’s Provocative Roger Ailes Joke

Poor Sean Hannity, he got his feelings hurt.

Satirical news site The Onion hit Sean Hannity where it apparently hurts by joking in a headline that “Hundreds Of Miniature Sean Hannitys Burst From Roger Ailes’ Corpse.”

A better question is this: what is wrong with the right that they think these sorts of things aren’t funny? Anybody think that Sean Hannity isn’t trying to cash in on this wave of outrage over some violent art created by one liberal comedian?

This isn’t the first time that Sean Hannity has taken to Twitter to complain about his emotional state. He slammed The New York Times on Twitter after they published a report about how often Hannity offers council to Donald Trump. Then, during that very same Tweetstorm, Garbage Time host Katie Nolan called him “a literal f*cking moron,” and then he went after her. Hannity also used Twitter to complain about the negative coverage about sexual harasser Roger Ailes following his death. There is also that time he bragged on Twitter about “his massive army” during a paranoid rant targeted at no one in particular.

Editorial note: this post did not mean to literally suggest that Mr. Hannity shed actual tears over this post, we were only going for the shameless pun.

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