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Sean Hannity Hits Back at ‘Liberal Joe’ Scarborough: ‘Sold His Soul Sheep TV’

After Joe Scarborough called out Sean Hannity on Morning Joe Monday, calling his show “state-run television,” Hannity shot back on Twitter in a three-part thread, adding to their never-ending feud.

Hannity took jabs at Scarborough, calling him “Liberal Joe” in every tweet and saying he is “boring low rated establishment TV,” “desperate for attention,” “he had to become an MSNBC liberal to keep his job,” and “sold his soul [to] Sheep TV.”

The Morning Joe host previously spoke about the Trump Jr meeting with a Russian lawyer and how he lied on Hannity’s show about how many people were there. This led into dropping a personal attack on Hannity’s show in the midst of his discussion.

“Then the next day lying about the people that were in it. Then going on a T.V. show that basically a state-run television and being asked at the end of that T.V. show, is there anything else that we don’t know about? and Don Jr. saying that’s it,” Scarborough said.

This is nowhere near the first time these two have battled. Most recently Scarborough called Hannity’s reporting “gross and repulsive,” to which he responded mocking Scarborough and his fiancée and co-host Mika Brzezinski, saying that they “would be the only reason to watch the low rated daily emotional breakdowns they have.”

Other times include Hannity calling Scarborough “low rated lib Joe,” Scarborough saying that Hannity is obsessed with them, Hannity offering to pay for the “unhinged couple’s” therapy, and the list does not stop.

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