Sean Hannity Mocks Lindsey Graham on Twitter, Wonders When he ‘Becomes a Democrat’

Sean Hannity's unapologetic commitment to Donald Trump both on Fox News and his nationally syndicated radio show, would certainly seem to have had a hand in boosting Trump to the presidency. Hannity’s passionate advocacy for Trump, despite a constant barrage of criticism, became a touchstone of the election cycle, and a sore spot for liberals. Throughout the campaign, Hannity was not shy about blasting the media for what he perceived as bias and unfair coverage of the Republican candidates, most especially Trump. In September, Hannity had the highest rated cable news show in the key demo beating out his colleagues Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly. He recently traveled to Cincinnati where he interviewed President-Elect Trump and Vice President-Elect Mike Pence on his program. This was the first cable news interview Trump did since his victory and one of a number of interviews that Trump seems willing to give, only to Hannity. Expect Hannity to remain a media force throughout the Trump administration.

The sharks were swirling for Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) Friday morning after a less than stellar performance at a South Carolina town hall.

After being shouted down by constituents, ejecting a heckler, and questioning the President’s claims that the Obama White House wiretapped his campaign, Fox News’ Sean Hannity took to Twitter to publicly speculate about the senator’s future in the Republican party.

“Attention Irredeemable Deplorable twitter peeps. Should we start a pool on when @LindseyGrahamSC officially becomes a democrat?” wrote Hannity.

Graham put on a brave face on Twitter saying he appreciated the “tough crowd.” The senator, like many Republican members of Congress have faced heat at town halls across the country over Obamacare. Despite numerous attempts by Republicans to repeal or defund the sweeping healthcare law, there is no consensus within the party over what should replace it.

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